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NET is part of De Sales Media Group, the communications arm of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, and WOW’s 2014 season premieres Thursday, January 16 at 9 PM ET.Executive Producer Craig Tubiolo says, “It’s no accident that WOW upside down spells MOM.Catholic mom Joumana Kidd is the host of WOW, a new talk show on NET celebrating the joys and triumphs of women in the 21st century.With expert interviews and how-to segments, WOW’s theme for women is living joyful lives of purpose.Jason Kidd has an unlikely ally in his feud with Mark Cuban -- his arch-nemesis ex-wife Joumana ... Cuban feud kicked into high gear this week when the Mavs owner told the media he would NEVER retire JK's jersey in Dallas because he was upset at the way Kidd left the team back in July.who tells TMZ the former Mavs superstar DESERVES to have his jersey retired in Dallas ... We figured the statement would be music to the ears of Joumana Kidd ...Odom hooked up with the reality starlet while playing for the Lakers, landed a TV series that included a broadcast wedding, and things went downhill from there.He was traded to Dallas, where he was miserable and eventually cut loose.

Her guests discuss dating, matrimony, parenting, homemaking, family life and work from the Catholic perspective.The marriage couldn't survive Johnson's arrest for headbutting his wife after she confronted him over a receipt for condoms.The two were married 12 years with three children and appeared the model couple, even appearing on faith-based programs to preach the word.After being burned by bad boys one too many times, Pep decided to get out of the game for a while. Now Pep is joining forces with three of her closest girlfriends -- all single and searching, too -- to try the dating scene again.She thought maybe clearing her head and going celibate would cause "The One" to magically appear. Together the four friends will laugh, cry and dish lots of dirt as they all try to find true love.

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