Var lib ntp drift not updating dating iq test

If memory serves me correctly, you have to wait until it has consistent check ups for around 7 hours or something (maybe more, I don't remember the exact number) before it will update your drift file.

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How or when does ntpd automatically update the time?

As administrator enter The same can be achieved by, as administrator, right-clicking the clock in the taskbar, selecting 'Adjust Date/Time' and entering the server name in the 'Internet Time' tab.

Meinberg made a port of the ntp daemon for windows.

This tutorial deals with client side configuration, even though server configuration is not entirely different.

Two main packages are used in RHEL 7 to set up the client side: Caution: ntpd and chronyd shouldn’t run at the same time. There are reports from RHCE candidates noting that one of them is purposely already running at the beginning of the exam.

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