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For the first few days, the pair were kept separate but they were able to see and smell each other.We then opened the dividing hatches, allowing them to meet.” “There was very little interaction at first, although Sof was seen sniffing Sidone on one occasion.There is not a more annoying time of year to be single than on Valentine’s Day.Yet, the world we live in has meant that there are now record numbers of singles.She was hand reared as a baby as her mother was unable to care for her.As a result, she is very friendly and was a great favourite amongst the keepers at her previous home.” “The introductions at Drusillas have gone very smoothly. Speed dating is for singles looking outside the square to meet potential partners. At each event, you will meet about 10 people of the opposite gender.During the date you will have seven minutes to talk to each person of the opposite sex.

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She will be three years old in April and is a really lovely lady.

However, this is a good sign when it comes to sloths – everything happens at a much more leisurely pace!

” “After two weeks, we moved them into their on show enclosure; they have both settled well and we are delighted with the outcome. Hopefully Sof and Sidione will continue to warm to each other too and it will not be too long before Drusillas Park welcomes another addition to this topsy-turvy family at the zoo.

If the feeling is mutual, we will email you each other’s contact details.

But if you don’t hit it off, it’s only seven minutes out of your life.

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